An excellent team
Lee Scarlett (Celtic Construction) is the "I can do anything!" builder. He's not afraid to try new things... In fact... He loves the challenge. Build a spiral slide laundry shoot? Check. A secret passage through a wall into a Lego playroom? Check. A side walk out basement with double stair cases on a major slope? Check. If there's a will- there's a way with Lee.

And it’s because he has an excellent team!!!! All the subs were kind, clean, helpful, honest, hard workers, and extremely good at what they do. I so appreciated how each would communicate with me frequently. The Oxfords, who did our trim, are truly in a league of their own!

Yes, no truly custom home is going to be sunshine everyday. It’s not a question of if rainy days will come, but who you choose to hold up that umbrella and protect you from the storm.