Labeed Diab
Absolutely the best

“Lee Scarlett from Celtic Construction is absolutely the best contractor/builder we have ever used……and by the way, my wife and I have built 5 homes!

Sumer Brandon
True craftsmen of the trade

I have worked in the real estate industry for over 18 years, Lee Scarlett and his team are not only professional and honest but they are true craftsmen of the trade.

Mike Starkey
Amazing subcontractors

Celtic Construction built a beautiful home for us. While this construction was a bit different from what Lee Scarlett typically builds he was eager and willing to complete this project for us.

Tim Koch
Meticulous planning

From the first day that my wife and I met Lee on the Parade of Homes, we knew that he was the builder that would build our dream home. There are many choices in home builders in NWA, but we made the choice and never looked back.

Dr. Ryan Senaratne
Quality is unsurpassed

Celtic Custom Homes made my vision a reality. Lee’s sub contractors went out of their way to make sure my house was done properly with no corners cut. The sub’s quality is unsurpassed and took great pride in their craft

Dr. Trent and Rachel Gubler
An excellent team

Lee Scarlett (Celtic Construction) is the “I can do anything!” builder. He’s not afraid to try new things… In fact… He loves the challenge. Build a spiral slide laundry shoot? Check. A secret passage through a wall into a Lego playroom? Check. A side walk out basement with double stair cases on a major slope? Check. If there’s a will- there’s a way with Lee.

Joseph Dushan
Great pride in craftsmanship

I can not recommend Celtic Custom Homes more highly. Lee and his fantastic team built our home over 14 years ago. They took great pride in their craftsmanship during construction and have maintained contact through the years to ensure we remain pleased with our home.

Gary and Jackie Johnson
Well oiled machine

Jackie and I wanted to tell you how much we love our home. You’ve built a well oiled machine at Celtic Homes and your sub contractors are some of the best in the business whose craftsmanship is outstanding. Thanks for giving us the home we have dreamed about.

Gary & Jackie Johnson

“The outcome speaks for itself and every detail of the house is extremely well achieved with very high quality, but most importantly never cutting corners to save time or costs which means peace of mind for the long term that Plumbing, Insulation, Foundation, Roofing, HVAC or Framing will have no issues.

The following is a summary of my experience with Celtic Construction / Lee Scarlett during these past twelve months:
•Celtic Construction is extremely responsive, most times within the hour
•Celtic Construction knowledge and expertise is excellent
•Billing system is clear, on point and with the right frequency
•Most sub-contractors are exceptional, and the few others are very good
•Clear alignment to owner’s vision and delivery
•Everything is doable, the answer “no” or “that can’t be achieved” is not an option

I micromanaged this project and highly engaged with the sub-contractors which allowed me to clearly understand Celtic Construction and the building process and I can only thank Lee for the all the conversations, for all the time, for all the guidance and say thank you from all my heart for the outstanding, high quality, and beautiful home he built.”

Enrique A.

“Researched thoroughly for the best builder to build our dream home. Lee Scarlett with Celtic came with that reputation, and we are not disappointed! Lee built a modern structure that was outside of his normal realm of work, and he was there with us every step of the journey. His knowledge of the building process that most women are not concerned with, ie… Foundation, framing, heat and air were beyond top notch, and even in the decisions I was unsure of he was a great consult as well. He was there to help and negotiate pricing on little things such as tile, and flooring also. His subs, I can’t even tell you how lucky I was to be graced with their amazing talent. the Oxford brothers and Verser Cabinets… Uhm, can I say ” only in a magazine quality work”, (really, I stare at their outstanding work and think how lucky I was to have them! And the rest of the crew, Sean at Encore, , Alex our tile guy, Chris, the electrical… I felt as if they were not just subs, but also friends at the end of the process. If you want “custom”, Lee and Celtic are the ONLY choice. To say I’m pleased, is an understatement… My house is a work of Art! ”
~Bob and Debbie Bradberry

“Lee Scarlett is the best custom high-end home-builder in NWA, in our humble opinion. When we began our search for a home-builder in 2013, our realtor refused to recommend any particular builder. Rather, she sent us a list of ALL known area builders. We meticulously researched every builder, until we found Lee’s home page and our search ended! When Lee received our call, although he was vacationing with his family in Florida, he still took time to discuss our needs and immediately scheduled to meet us upon his return to Bentonville. That initial conversation (and subsequent meeting) confirmed what we already heard about him: he is amazingly personable, approachable, flexible, understanding, caring, and incredibly knowledgeable. Lee uses the very best of craftsmen as subs, and he accepts limited number of builds each year just to ensure that each client receives his maximum attention. We loved him, his work, and his subs that my wife has joked about possibly cloning him, and if that fails, “exporting” him to design and build our next custom home in our native country! You couldn’t possibly go wrong with Lee, and I give him five enthusiastic stars! He is the best there is.”
~John Okwubanego, Esq.

“Lee Scarlett from Celtic Construction is absolutely the best contractor/builder we have ever used……and by the way, my wife and I have built 5 homes! Lee is extremely responsive with an amazing sense of urgency! He returns calls and texts very promptly and always within the hour! His attention to detail is second to none. His subs are very loyal, experienced and extremely respectful. My wife and I are so impressed with Lee and his team. We will never use anyone else!!”

Labeed Diab
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“We met with the builders of each new construction home we seriously considered–not one of them knew their stuff like Lee Scarlett! His attention to detail both visible and unseen is remarkable! Every time we have guests the same question is asked, ‘this house is incredible! Who is the builder?’ As a realtor and an extremely please home owner, I have recommended Celtic Construction to many, many clients and friends.

Thank you Lee Scarlett! And thank you to all your sub-contractors who treated us with such respect and kindness.”

-Coach Reggie and Lisa Herring

“We chose Celtic Construction to custom build our home based on the quality of their homes we inspected and the reputation of their construction team. We’re pleased with the result. Amazed, in fact, that a project with thousands of parts all came together and actually worked from day one. With a couple of minor issues solved early on we have experienced no problems since moving in 4 years ago. We’d recommend Celtic Construction. Their quality workmanship speaks for itself.”

-Gary & Jean Roop

“It was love at first sight. Our house is not only beautiful from the outside, but also built extremely well. We’ve had nothing but positive comments regarding the structure of our home – from the gentleman who measured and hung our blinds to the security system company. Our private inspector wrote, ‘This is a beautiful home. The house is well built and solid.’ Like all homes, new or old, there are always little items that require attention. Lee Scarlett has been prompt and efficient in taking care of those little annoyances. We are extremely pleased with Celtic Construction and Lee Scarlett.”

-Ken and Karen Kimbro

“Lee Scarlett came highly recommended to us from one of his previous clients; which set a good tone because we were new to the area.  We were very involved in the process and enjoyed the partnership that was established and welcomed.  The Celtic team was second to none.  They worked with us to ensure alignment and consistency throughout the construction of our home.  We were extremely impressed with the products, skills, and level of professionalism.  The quality of the construction is impeccable; including those parts which you can and cannot readily see (i.e. foundation, insulation, framing, etc.).  We are very pleased with our home and have received nothing but praise from all who have visited with us.”

Frank and Thess Bernard

“Lee Scarlett with Celtic Construction has assembled a team of true professionals.  Quality, intricate attention to details and sophistication has remained their trademark.  In a world of compromise, some don’t.  In appreciation.”

-Dr. Boris Bogomilov

“We are pleased to offer a recommendation for Lee Scarlett and Celtic Construction. When we decided to get our kids out of the city and relocate to NWA, we knew we wanted to build a house. This would be our first experience with home building, so we knew we would have to find someone that we could trust and depend on, since we would be living in Dallas the entire building process. Throughout the process Lee was great to work with. He worked with us in incorporating our ideas into our future home. He was patient and professional. He was also willing to listen to our ideas and do his best to make them a reality. He stayed within our budget and worked closely with us on keeping track of expenses. Lee had ideas of his own that ultimately added square footage and value to our home. His contractors were always easy to work with. We interviewed several builders once we settled on Fayetteville as our future home. Although they are all good builders, we chose Lee for our project and we’re glad we did”.

-Joe & Brandy Goddard

“We have been thoroughly pleased with our building experience with Celtic Construction. We feel that we have received outstanding customer service during the entire process and that each phase has been completed with efficiency and excellent workmanship. We would not think of using anyone else to build our home. We truly appreciate the attention to detail that we received from each individual involved and would recommend Lee Scarlett and Celtic Construction to anyone who is considering building a new home.”

-Dr. Jerry & Gretchen Sanders

“Lee’s reputation as an upscale homebuilder speaks for itself.  He and Celtic Construction are established and they put in the effort to achieve the best possible end result for the homeowner, while keeping value in mind.  He’s friendly and driven to make the homeowner’s goals happen, if it be a starter home, a large estate, and anything in between, you can enjoy his years of experience.”

Keith Warford

“Lee Scarlett and his sub-contractors make the experience of building a house much easier than we ever anticipated. Lee does not skimp where quality is concerned!”

-Dean and Tammie Rollins

   “Lee built our house over 8 years ago in Bentonville.  Not only was the quality of the work everything we hoped for, but the attention to detail was exemplary.  It was our first time to build our own home, and, although we found the number of decisions to be overwhelming at times, Lee was available to walk us through the process and help us with decisions as they arose.  He also went above and beyond -going and picking some of our bathroom fixtures himself (with my criteria) when I couldn’t get to the store due to work commitments.  Just as important, however, is that I can still call Lee today -8 1/2 years later- and get a recommendation for a painter, a plumber, or whatever I may need as routine maintenance issues arise.  In several cases, the subcontractors that worked on our house during construction are the same people I call when I need routine service appointments today.  Lee will not only build you a quality home with all the details you desire, but he -and his subs- will stand behind their work years down the road.  We are very satisifed with the service we received through Lee and Celtic Construction -so much so, that we are planning to use Lee again when we add on next year.”

-David and Jennifer Morrow

“Lee is a great home builder, I love the work he did for my family home, and it is still timeless and beautiful.  He is patient, and listens to his clients, and has a gift of creativity.  He has a positive attitude and enjoys what he does, it shows in the way he handles his work and clients.”

-Patricia Tomlinson

“Celtic Construction was chosen as the builder of my Father’s home, due to the attention to detail shown in their previous projects. Lee worked with my Father and his wife from day one to ensure everyone was on the same page regarding the style and quality expected.  Lee made suggestions throughout the construction that really enhanced the design of the house.  I was able to inspect the framing during construction and was very impressed with the care taken and the skill to which it was detailed, ensuring no structural issues in the future.  Working with Lee proved to be a winning combination as the home won Parade of Homes Best of Show 2009. I would highly recommend Lee and Celtic Construction for well detailed custom homes.”

-Katie Breshears, AIA, LEED AP BD+C, Architect